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Learnanywhere only

Learnanywhere is a fantastic tool for engaging pupils - and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Choose this option and get our Primary learning platform for one, three or five years.

Learnanywhere with SIMS Integration

What you get:

Learnanywhere now integrates with your school’s SIMS - meaning pupil records can transfer straight to your Learnanywhere account seamlessly. Choose Learnanywhere with SIMS Integration over one, three or five years.

Add on Planet Sherston

What you get:

Planet Sherston is a fantastic extension of your Learnanywhere learning platform.  Add on Planet Sherston and you’ll get a button on your Learnanywhere dashboard, creating a gateway to a fun-packed learning world for every child!

Add on GGfL

What you get:

GGfL is used by thousands of teachers, as it provides an instant additional pool of teaching resources that can be embedded into Learnanywhere Class pages. Therefore, it means there’s no need to spend hours scouring the internet for images, videos and tests to give your class to do.

Add on School Jotter

What you get:

School Jotter is Webanywhere’s primary school website system - in fact, it’s now the most-used primary website system. Buying School Jotter and Learnanywhere together means you’ll have engaging, easy to use systems for both your website and VLE - and you’ll save money, too. Find out more about School Jotter (here).

Add on Learner Journey

What you get:

Learner Journey is Webanywhere’s easy-to-use pupil e-portfolio system, that also acts as a safe social networking system for your school. Learner Journey can be added to your school’s Learnanywhere easily, meaning children can chat and upload work via a button on their Learnanywhere dashboard. For more information about Learner Journey, click (here).

Add on extra training

What you get:

Every Learnanywhere subscription listed above comes with a one hour training session, and unlimited, 24-hour support. However, you can add on additional training if you want to include more teachers, or have new recruits further down the line. Each remote training session can be carried out at a time convenient to you.

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