Planet Sherston

A range of game-based educational

activities designed to engage learners

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A colourful, friendly being with a rather minimalist home and very
little money - it’s up to your children to buy him furniture and earn him coins!

Planet Sherston is where more and more teachers are sending their children - because it improves engagement in learning by making it more exciting!

It’s a whole learning world, where children have their own alien avatar and are awarded coins - or Space Bitz - each time they do an educational activity, which they can use to buy accessories.

Planet Sherston is a must-have addition to your Learnanywhere VLE. It’s quick, easy - and as many teachers have already seen, with the pre-populated learning resources and content, you’ll have pupils hooked and learning within minutes!

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Versatile Features And Options

Curriculum-mapped interactive activities

Get your pupils excited about learning - with activities that tie into the curriculum!


Your class can learn everything you need to teach them - and enjoy it!


Real-time reporting and tracking tools

Track pupils as they complete activities and tests in Planet Sherston.


You can keep an eye on how well your class are progressing, and monitor their attainment with a few clicks of the mouse.

Video resources

Planet Sherston is full of video-based learning - it’s all part of the experience!


Learning becomes more interactive and three-dimensional.

Virtual learning world for children

Children can spend hours in Planet Sherston, learning all the time.


Children can keep learning, whether they’re in class or at home - and it feels like a game!

Free teacher and pupil home access

You can access Planet Sherston wherever you are, as can your class.


Planet Sherston becomes an ideal homework tool!




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