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Pupil Premium is awarded to schools with children from disadvantaged
backgrounds. These children risk being left behind - there is a 16% difference in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and others by the age of 11.
The Pupil Premium is designed to close this attainment gap by allowing for the targeted support of these pupils.


Many schools are using a proportion of their Pupil Premium to improve pupils’ access to learning, and the tracking of their progress by teaching staff, through the use of technology.

Learnanywhere is an ideal tool for this purpose. It allows teachers to track students progress and access attainment data and submitted work, anytime, anywhere. The system can be tailored to each student (or a group of students), providing differentiated learning to underachievers.



Learnanywhere is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. For those disadvantaged pupils who may not have an internet connection at home, Learnanywhere is optimised for use on a smartphone. Many families that can’t afford a computer may have at least one smartphone in the home. Pupils can receive and submit their work via Learnanywhere and can take tests, which Learnanywhere will self-mark.

Many Pupil Premium children may feel left out of learning for several reasons - maybe they’ve moved around a lot and are yet to integrate fully into the class. Or maybe they’re easily distracted from learning. Learnanywhere gives them the chance to interact with both the teacher and other class members outside of class - the internal messaging system allows for greater interaction and collaboration on work, and allows pupils to ask for advice and guidance from other pupils or the teacher.

This is a vital tool for providing a little extra support to those children who need it. To find out more about how Learnanywhere can be incorporated into an effective Pupil Premium strategy, contact us




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